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I specialize in horses, furries/anthro, and anime-style humans. I accept points or money. Currently, money is a preferred means. I appreciate every single commission that I receive. :heart: If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note.

:bulletred: Colored headshot - 200 :points: /$2.00
Domina Monstri headshot by rempage

:bulletgreen: Colored fullbody - 400 :points:/$5.00
3855 Signal Fire by rempage

:bulletred: Colored fullbody with background 600 :points:/$7.50
Commission for Raining Tree Stables by rempage

:bulletgreen: Colored fullbody training pic with background 800 :points:/$10.00
Aurarius Halter Training by rempage

:bulletred: Colored fullbody pic with animation 1000 :points:/$12.00
Abraxas Training - A Trotting we will go! by rempage






29 Kokoro by rempage
29 Kokoro
Raelan Import 29 by kalmanen

Cat ID # 29

Cat name: Kokoro
Breed: Pure Raelans
Registrated: Not yet - buyer's job
Gender: Male
Age: 3 years
Build: Goliath build
Height: 17 HH
Color: Tortie overo semi leopard appaloosa with Earth magic
Genotype: Oo bb nP nLp nOv nEa
Training: Basic training given, can be ridden
Tack: Daily + Dragon hunter full gear

Breed © 2014 Cloudrunner64
Design © 2014 kalmanen
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Let me say first of all how insanely pissed off I am that I miss judged the deadline. I thought it was supposed to be Halloween, but it seems like it ended the week before. When I checked up on it, I was so SO angry with myself that I abandoned this piece for a bit. However, I liked my idea behind it so much, and since it included my Raelans, I decided to go ahead and finish it even if they don't get credit for it being a show entry. I still had fun with the story. 

Music piece to accompany:…

A petite smirk tugged at one corner of the rider's mouth, an almost dark chuckle falling from his lips at that particular moment. Dark roles were not typically what Tom had found himself filling as of late. No, he had more often than not been traveling around in the name of Knox Farm, doing training for other farms, viewing, picking up and purchasing new stock to bring back to the stable. But this....this was going to be fun. Hauntingly, terrorizing fun! All the training he had done in the last few weeks with the stable's new Raelans had certainly paid off. The two felines had bonded and were practically inseperable. In addition, once the male had connected with the female, he seemed to start to trust the staff at Knox Farm, especially Tom, who seemed to work with him every free minute he had available to do so.

And now the quartet was ready. They were going to be performing in the stables first official Nordanner show. And no one at the farm could be happier than Tom, except for maybe just barely Shelby, the stable owner. She stood astride the horse that Tom was mounted upon, arms crossed before her chest, an equally smug smirk planted firmly upon her feline features as well. She knew that this was going to be a sight to certainly behold. Tom and Shelby had managed to keep the rest of the staff out of the loop - and away from the training arena while they were practicing. It was going to be a surprise to every one else. And naturally, the rest of the staff came because they were all just as excited as the performers to see exactly what was up their sleeves. "Are you sure you can handle this bad boy, Tom? You haven't been working with him for too long..." Shelby cautioned, steeling a glance up at the rider, who was partially out of his costume, just waiting for the right moment to close it back up.

"I'm excited. He's responded really well to my commands...but I suppose we'll see how he does. Hmmm, handsome?" Tom chimed, reaching his free hand down to pat the stallion's neck. He nickered softly in return, tossing his mane. But despite his initial pleased response, he danced in place, his feet moving in excitement and anticipation of the upcoming performance.

A hush fell over the audience as the lights suddenly turned off. Not dimmed, but out right  went black. The music began, the sound of thunder rolling, and a light flickered, replicating lightning. The bright light flashed momentarily before settling back down, the darkness consuming the arena once again. Then, a spotlight shot out and lit up a male and female Raelan. The female, a beautiful cream color and the male, a torti with a big white spot in the middle of his body. They were dressed in period clothing, representative of turn-of-the-century. The duo cautiously padded into the arena, glancing about themselves. They would pause, flicking their ears around and turn their heads in the direction they flicked their ears. After a moment, they would continue.

What seemed like longer than the amount of time that actually transpired, the two felines reached the center of the arena, another light shot out from where they had started from, encircling a stallion and rider. But there was something a about the rider. He had no head. In his left hand, he held what seemed to be a flaming pumpkin. A wretched laughter consumed the arena as the horse reared, the rider raising his "head" up to the heavens. A fleeting moment later, the duo bolted towards the felines. However, the horse lead with a flying change.

The two Raelans exchanged a glance before simultaneously letting out a roar and bolting in the opposite direction of the on-coming stallion and rider. However, they seemed to run in slow motion, as the rider and mount caught up to them swiftly. Just when it seemed like he was going to catch them, the horse suddenly performed a pirouette and moved back in the direction it had originated. The felines then realized that they were no longer being pursued and took interest in their fellow duo, trotting up behind them as they moved across the arena. Performing a half pass about halfway back to its point of origin, the stallion and rider then moved to the edge of the arena before moving into an extended trot, with the felines padding behind. When the cats caught up after one circle around the arena, the stallion changed his pace and began performing the piaffe in place. The felines joined on either side of the stallion, mimicking the movement. Then suddenly, he bolted off into a canter to the center of the arena and doing a piroutte. The spotlight for the felines disappeared and the only remaining light in the arena surrounded the horse and rider. Letting out a shrill whinny, the stallion reared up and pawed at the air. As the music faded, the light went off.

Tom sat, holding his breath in anticipation, waiting for a response from the audience. The noise that followed was quite near deafening, applause and cheers filled the arena and he let his breath out, laughing and patting the stallion on the neck. Leaning forward, he murmured into his ear, "Good job, boy!"

Horse featured: Nordanner Import 481 by Cloudrunner64

Raelans featured:
12 Yuki by rempage Run free, little cub by rempage

:iconnordanner: :iconraelans:
Sorry not sorry


I thought this was a cute idea. Fyi, Free Willy is, and always WILL be, one of my absolute favorite movies ever. :heart:

Horse featured:
Q02 Cassiopeia A by HoT-Stables



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I love drawing horses and animals, but also enjoy anime-ish characters. I also love cosplay! If you are interested in commissioning me, please feel free to ask! I do both art and cosplay commissions :3

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Personal Quote: " ass!"

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